Smartphone Macros

To take macro photographs with your smartphone, you’ll either have to buy a lens attachment or try a do-it-yourself method. A smartphone macro lens  actually is a small lens that one way or another attaches to your smartphone and is placed over the rear camera lens. Thus enhancing the optical performance.

One thing you will notice about macro photography is that it is very unforgiving. Any kind of movement while you are taking a picture and you are going to get blurry results. If you’ve had too much caffeine or you simply can’t stay perfectly still, it’s time to get a tripod.Sometimes a tripod is not feasible, depending on what you are shooting, so just try to set your smartphone on something stable to keep it as still as possible. Also, the closer you get to your subject, the more light your camera is going to need, so think in terms of more light when you’re shooting in macro mode. Go ahead, practice and get hooked on macro photography. It can be very addicting, especially when you are making new discoveries with each and every shot — finding those details you might not have known existed before or perhaps it’s just a cool new way of looking at something you see everyday, in an entirely different light. Check out the Gallery…


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