Český Krumlov – Time Warp Photography

Český Krumlov is one of the most beautiful medieval cities I have seen. Approximately 180 km south of Prague in the Southwest of the Czech Republic. It entered the UNESCO register of monuments of world significance in 1992.

A visit is like stepping back in time to the 14th century as you stroll the streets with its many Renaissance homes and buildings. The castle of Český Krumlov, the second biggest in Bohemia, sits high above the town looking down at the meandering arc of the Vltava river, housing riverside cafés and bars. According to UNESCO, Český Krumlov was built around the castle whose existence was first documented in 1253.

Český Krumlov has become the Czech Republic’s second busiest tourist town after Prague. The word “Český” means Czech, or Bohemian. Another highlight was the Church of St. Vitus. The church’s tower rivals that of the castle’s, and the intricate alters and towering arched ceilings are impressive and stunning. Like much of the rest of the town, the church dates back to the early 1300s. Built along cobblestone streets, the homes are works of art with colored facades and carved wooden ceilings. Taking a night stroll along the quiet streets with the lit-up castle towering over the town was my personel highlight. I visited in April and it was not as crowded as it was in Prague, cause all I saw in Prague was people. If you ever have a chance,  go visit Český Krumlov. 


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