Bernese Alps Photography

While living in the Colorado Rocky Mountain Range i got hooked on Mountains. It was not just the mountains, it was the combinaton of snowcapped peaks, scenic lakes, geological curiosities, and cowboys on horseback riding the endless range. But there is a difference between the Rocky Mountains and the Alps. The Alps are more majestic. A good place to start discovering the Alps is Switzerland.  It was time to see the Eiger.  The Eiger is a 3,970-metre mountain of the Bernese Alps, overlooking Grindelwald. The Bernese Alps are a mountain range of the Alps, located in western Switzerland. Although the name suggests that they are located in the Berner Oberland region of the canton of Bern, portions of the Bernese Alps are in the adjacent cantons of Valais, Fribourg and Vaud, the latter being usually named Fribourg Alps and Vaud Alps respectively. The highest mountain in the range, the Finsteraarhorn, is also the highest point in the canton of Bern. Read it on Wiki


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